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In fact, we like that, since it lets us brag without feeling boorish. Don't pretend to be uninterested with a straight face, though! In my own writing on "playing hard to get", I have also made the distinction between a bit of playful challenging and acting completely uninterested.

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Particularly, I think it is important to show some discernment and selective attention for both good behaviors - and individual partners that is what the research says works. In fact, "being selective" and having high standards or good boundaries would be more accurate - although "playing hard to get" is the popular phrase. Beyond that, women who are too remote or uninterested may indeed find themselves without male attention in this modern society. I understand that some women appreciate really dominant men and test for that, or are shy.

Therefore, women may need to increasingly send unambiguous signals of interest, while being selective with their attention, to get men's interest. Actually, I would like to know how to persuade my friends to read these articles.

Many of them desperately need it but don't trust me saying it will help them. As a single dad over forty past school age and not financially possible with children , I'm practically invisible to women under retirement age. Church is especially difficult.

12 Women On How To Find Love When You Think You’ll Be Single Forever

Ladies my age want to travel and relive their twenties. Older than that they're mind is on retirement. Earlier than that I might as well get a dog because we'll have more in common. Online dating really reenforced my invisibility due to my height under 5' 8" and a lack of a 6 figure income.

This is not the mad rantings of an insecure or depressed man, it's been a reality for some time. Even the Internet barely recognizes men like me. Given your description, it sounds like you have good parenting ability. However, the women you desire seem to have their priorities set on one of the other features above. Therefore, there is currently a mismatch and little interest on their part. So, you either have to find a niche where the women want you as you are, or work on improving some of the other characteristics above to get the one's you are talking about. For example, there are a number of single moms looking for a partner and a role model for their children.

This would certainly give you shared priorities, commonalities, and needs with them. The question is whether you would be attracted to any of them back - and what they might have to add to your life in return. If you are looking for something more casual, however, then you might want to think about a bit of work on your physique and personality i. Generally speaking, men with an attractive and exciting personality, with a decent physique, can do pretty well even for short-term relationships even for shorter guys.

Thank for a realistic reply. I appreciate it. I'm already fit and have a pretty good personality. What I don't have, is clout or unlimited income for expensive hobbies—Social hobbies. Although, I have taken up guitar with my 8-yr-old daughter because of the low entry fee and high return on bonding time, but it's not what I would call an exciting attractor. I will study your linked info, see what I can improve. Bars, classes and bookstores are creeper territory not meant for men my age and the meetup groups in my area are mostly for twenty-something's.

By the time my kids are grown I'll be much too old to really need any sort of relationship. At that point I think I'd like to get to traveling, alone. You say women are into a man's body, which is not the same as his genetic coding.

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So many men out there believe that all women only want hard bodies and thick hair. When even you don't understand this, how can we expect a regular guy off the street to understand? Well i really wish that i could've been born many years earlier which i definitely would've been married with a good wife and family by now since so many of us good men are having it very tough finding love today. I can relate to your perspective of 'good men can't meet good women' because of my circumstances.

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It took me a very long time to fully understand just how isolated the community I've always lived in is. It doesn't look like it, but it's actually quite a long way from any major metropolitan areas. It's really the small town that thinks it's a big city and tries to act like one, but fails on both counts by being the worst of both worlds. It lacks the good things about a small town, but also the good things about a big city! Young people leave in droves right after high school, and those who didn't tend to be those who have serious personal and family problems.

Birds of a feather flock together, so the losers pair off. The 'nice' people who are under 60 tend to be those who came here from elsewhere and usually don't stick around very long.

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Sometimes you just get stuck and there isn't anything you an do about it. All of the dating advice sources tell you that it's a numbers game, but when there are very few unattached women around, numbers is something you just don't have to work with! Well with so many women that have their Careers are now so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and so very power money hungry since it is all about them Unfortunately which they will Only want the Best and will Never settle for Less at all.

You might want to start with some decent grammar and capitalization to show you paid attention in school. Well for your information i can see you're Not that smart at all when it comes to women. By the way women have totally Changed for the Worst over the years. Let me see now, they have No Personality at all, No Good Manors since they like to Curse at us men when we will try to start a simple Normal Conversation with them.

Very sweet, Right? Sounds pretty straight forward.

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  5. But Ive never had this work for me. I used to go to bars and night clubs to pick up promiscuous women for sex. And my success rate was about 0 percent. Im not sure how any of that is supposed to work. Im pretty buff, pretty athletic and muscular physique and stuff.

    But my income is garbage. Not that it should matter. Im just looking for sex anyways. So why is it so hard to find a like minded female. If men would be willing to use condoms they would get more sex. Plus, most women are not into one sex partner after another. They want to feel a connection. If all you are offering is sex on your terms, what the point? Well unfortunately most women nowadays are so very stuck up with a very bad attitude problem to begin with.

    Just too many very pathetic feminists women everywhere today that just don't like us men at all to begin with since most of them are either Gay And Bi anyway unfortunately. Now with all of these very stupid reality TV shows as well as social media has really corrupted many of these women's minds altogether which certainly brought out the worst in women today unfortunately. It is very extremely dangerous now for many of us men to talk too women these days since they're ready to chew our heads off for no reason at all. Women have certainly changed today unfortunately, and not for the good at all.

    Very difficult for many of us men trying to meet a real good decent normal woman now since they usually look very sad and very depressed most of the time as well which makes it even worse for us too. So how in the world do you expect many of us men to meet a woman today when they're like this most of the time? Good luck for many of us men trying to meet one today. I have a pretty good life.