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Through a separate optional email message, your member s are informed that their business information was passed on to an interested consumer.


In turn the consumer's information is provided to your members so they can, if they so choose, provide additional outreach to that consumer. When selecting to record an eReferral only, you can log the referral without notifying the member. This is useful when you wish to track business cards, or brochures of a member that you have handed out.

Push Notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your members. You can target the right members by selecting to send to just individual groups, or to all of your members. All representatives, who have downloaded the MemberPlus App, will receive the notification. Blogs are a great way to get your message out to your members and the public.

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Users with Pro Edition can now create one or more blogs that integrate perfectly with your website and Member Information Center. Watch a quick video on what the Blog feature can do for you:. Watch a video on how to create a blog:. Blogging is just not about plain text written on a page; a good article is the combination of text, images, and other various multi-media elements like videos, charts, slides, etc.

Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words. Once you have created and saved a post, you can edit the post to add a Featured Image.

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The featured image will display on the blog page where each post displays with a summary and a link to read the full article. The image uploaded here will be cropped to fit into a square location which is consistent with the way other locations in the public pages display and use the featured image. Once you have created your blog, you may share it in a variety of ways: send a link to the blog to interested parties; add the link to your web-page as a new page; add a widget to your web-page.

When it comes to your blog, you should make regular posts on a consistent basis. Posting consistency also applies to the specific days of the week when you publish new content. If you start out posting every Monday and Thursday, you need to continue to post every Monday and Thursday. If you have configured your posts to require approval of comments made, you will be able to view and approve or decline the posts added by visitors.

Staff members identified as Email comment notifications to: in the Advanced Options on the Share Blog tab will receive the notification,shown below, when comments have been entered. Posts will not be displayed on your blog until they have been approved. SmartText, group text messaging, available right within your ChamberMaster database allows you to contact your members, community, or other individuals via group text messaging.

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Use it to promote your own events or gain non-dues revenue by offering the service to your members at a fee. By setting up different recipients lists you can offer a group for text deals.

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These groups can be promoted by you and your members to build the list. Your members would pay a set amount to have their deal promoted via text message to this group. The set amount would need to be enough to cover the cost of using the SmartText feature and administrative time. These text deals would be a good way to promote a percentage off or special offer. As a non-dues revenue source, an association can offer this to members at a cost to the member however, this would be less expensive than having their own SMS service and would allow through your association, many more opt-in clients as well as public that would like to receive text messages with offers and discounts.

The member would see a turn of profit on people using the discount and this would show them the benefit of the price they paid as a member benefit for them. SmartText has great capabilities and is easy-to-use. This list is opt-in only; Subscribers must opt in to be included in your subscriber groups. Lists of phone numbers may not be imported. Existing mobile phone numbers in ChamberMaster will not auto-populate your subscriber list. NOTE: Practice and testing can happen without a keyword. If you wish to have different lists of subscribers event list, board member group etc , you must create a group and have your subscribers opt in to each group.

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You must setup these groups prior to advertising your opt-in information to the public so that subscribers are placed in the proper groups. Subscribers may not be moved from one group to another.

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  8. We receive all text messages sent to a short-code that start with our keyword notify, or your own custom keyword. When our system receives the message we log it with your account by looking at the first 1 or 2 words of the message. If you use a custom keyword then the message will start with your keyword and we will match it up directly. Otherwise if you use a shared keyword we look for it after the word notify.

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    What is the difference between a shared and custom keyword? The easiest way to answer that is to show the difference. A shared keyword means you get new subscribers by telling them:. Basically a custom keyword means your prospective subscribers have one less word to remember and enter, which will cut down on mistakes and lead to more subscribers. The difference is subtle but if you are putting it on a billboard, newsletter, etc.

    Especially once you start adding other commands. You can drop the custom keyword at any time and revert to a shared keyword. For example, you could use a custom keyword for a year to build your base of subscribers and then drop it if you don't get many incoming subscription requests. You are ready to advertise and start receiving subscriptions to your text service! In the shared keyword example above, you would advertise that your subscribers should text Notify training to This would subscribe them to your generic list titled Subscribers without Specific Groups. A response will be sent to them, confirming the subscription and providing instructions on how to unsubscribe.

    If you would like different lists of subscribers event list, board member group etc , you can create groups and have your subscribers opt in to specific groups. Best Practice is to setup these groups prior to advertising your opt-in information to the public so that subscribers are placed in the proper groups. If you would like to have different lists of subscribers event list, board member group etc , you can create groups and have your subscribers opt into specific groups. You are ready to advertise and start receiving subscription to your text service for this specific group.

    Click the numbered link for the desired group. The mobile number subscribed and the join date will be displayed. NOTE: Names are not displayed. Prior to going live with advertisement of your group texting ability, you will want to test the functionality of SmartText on your own. Note : 50 free credits are provided to accommodate messages such as these. Sending test messages will reduce your available credits. A group text may be sent to those that are included in the subscribers list s on the Send tab. To send a group text. Click the Buy link to purchase additional credits.

    See Purchase Additional Credits for instructions. Where the message comes from: This email message is received by members whenever a consumer visits their member information page web page and chooses one these button below:. Content of the message: The comments of the message will vary based on what is written by consumers visiting the web site. The email is sent using a ChamberMaster form filled in by the consumer visiting the web site; the email address of the member is not displayed. Some consumers have chosen to abuse this feature on the web site that was originally designed to ask questions of the member.

    If this is a concern or problem, the ability to contact the members may be removed from the web site.