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In addition to keeping values up to date, a valuation update allows the Assessor to keep pace with property changes and market conditions as well as inequities which may exist in the assessment roll. A properly conducted valuation update will result in each property taxpayer paying their fair share. The goal is to ensure that every property owner is responsible for their fair share.

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The Assessor bases the assessed value on information obtained through Mass Appraisals conducted on all properties, as determined by market value. The assessment process is performed to correct inequities that creep into the assessment roll.

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When this happens some property owners may be paying more than their fair share in taxes while others are paying less. A town-wide valuation update serves to equalize these inequities. As a result of assessment adjustments, some property owners may notice a change in the overall amount of taxes. A specific grievance process, guided by New York State law, is in place to allow you to challenge your assessment.

All property owners have the right to a review of their property assessment. The process by which assessments may be challenged involves the following three options:.

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Goals set forth: Maintain assessments as close to full market value as possible. Maintain property records utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. Functions of the Assessor's Office: Calculate, review and maintain assessment data property inventory, ownership, maps, and exemptions in Greece this equates to approximately 34, parcels.

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Prepare and maintain the town-wide assessment rolls and follow the assessment process calendar. Review all building permits to determine any impact on the assessed value of property, update property records accordingly and notify property owners of any changes.

Provide customer support to our constituents regarding assessment of their property, exemptions and their rights under the New York State Real Property Tax Law. Review all deed information received from the County of Monroe to update property ownership information and any changes impacting the property's value.

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Review the basic information regarding the sales of real property for accuracy and any unusual conditions as described on the State Form RP which is completed at closing. Have information available for sales activity that may be beneficial in preparing for hearings or grievances. Your guide to property assessment review in the Town of Greece In accordance with New York State law, the Town of Greece is required to maintain up-to-date assessment records.

The goal of all services is to support the municipalities in achieving and maintaining equitable assessments.

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Equalization rates are used to apportion taxes in taxing jurisdictions that cross municipal boundaries. Select Language Accessibility.

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Real Property Tax Service Agency The Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency provides comprehensive real property tax information, including assessment data, exemption information, and mapping services, to local assessors as well as the general public. Responsibilities and Services include: Preparation and distribution of tax and assessment rolls Production and maintenance of tax maps Investigation and recommendations for administrative correction of tax rolls Training programs for assessors and boards of assessment review Escrow account management services to local municipalities Liaison between state and local government on property tax administration.

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