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That year they made 13 cars by hand in Springfield, Massachusetts. Benz may have invented the first modern car, and Duryea the first commercial car, but Henry Ford sold the most cars to the most people. In he began making and selling his Model T , which was a huge success. Many people could afford this car, not just the rich, because Ford used mass production. This meant he made a great many Model Ts in a short time in a factory.

People say that the Model T is the car that "put America on wheels".

The Model T was the most popular car of the time because it was cheap but it was still a good quality car that everyone could own. Since then, many different kinds of cars have been designed and built, from minivans to sports cars.

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In the s the United States made and used more cars than all the rest of the world. The world caught up, and fifty years later China became the largest maker and user. Cars are faster than walking or riding a bike if you are going a long way, can carry more than one person, and a large amount of luggage. Depending on local public transport quality, they can also be faster and far more convenient than using buses , bicycles or trains , and can often go where public transport cannot.

Most cars enclose people and cargo in a steel cage, having a roof, doors and windows , thus giving protection from weather. Modern cars give further protection in case of road accident , as they have added safety features such as seat belts , airbags , crumple zones and side-impact protection that would be expensive or impossible on two-wheeled or light 3-wheeled vehicles, or most buses.

Buying and running a car needs a lot of money, even more for a good quality one that is not too old.

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If two cars crash they can hurt the people inside or around them. When too many cars try to go the same way, traffic congestion slows them all. They can cause air pollution if too many are used in a small area like a city, and the combined pollution of the world's cars is thought to be partly to blame for climate change. Many places where people live close together have public transportation or mass transit such as buses, trains , trams and subways. These can help people go more quickly and cheaply than by car when traffic jams are a problem. Some of these problems can be fixed, for example, by carpooling , which is putting many people together in one car.

Traffic congestion and accidents can be dangerous to other road users, for example people riding bicycles or walking , especially in an old town built when cars were few. Some 20th century towns are designed for cars as the main transport, but this can cause other problems.

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These include even more pollution and traffic, as everyone has to drive. Communities are divided up and separated with roads. People walking are in danger by expressways with too few foot bridges, small road bridges or other crossings. Designers now understand these problems and try to build more balanced systems. KidzSearch Safe Wikipedia for Kids. Jump to: navigation , search. Category : Automobiles. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

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