Criminal justice and computer information systems

Topics include the theories addressing digital criminals and an overview of legal strategies and tactics targeting digital crime.

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Examine fundamental research skills in the investigation of digital crime and terrorism. This course introduces students to the components and operations of the criminal justice system. It examines the three main components of that system: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. Issues and challenges within the criminal justice system and the system's future are also explored.

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This course covers the historical development of social and behavior explanations of adult crime, as well as juvenile crime and new evolutions in crime, including cyber crimes. Crime causation theories are explained in relation to policies developed from these theories and the real and intended impact of these policies are discussed to demonstrate their impact on society concerning crime prevention and criminal rehabilitation.

Examine criminal activity in juveniles, including the study of gangs, status offenses and the problems facing juveniles today.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS)

Get an overview of American juvenile justice in terms of both system and practice. Explore the causes of juvenile crime; the juvenile court system; and the institutionalization, rehabilitation and treatment of juveniles. Understand various philosophical approaches for developing appropriate ethical decision-making tools for the criminal justice profession. See ethical decision-making tools in application for policing, courts, corrections, criminal justice policy and criminal justice research. Focus on professional integrity and leadership skills that support laws, policies and procedures in criminal justice.

Discover the fundamentals of criminal investigation by examining processes involved in identifying and arresting criminal suspects, identifying types of crimes and offenses, and preparing for the in-court presentation of evidence through testimony. Discuss techniques for evidence collection, examination and preservation. Prerequisite: LEG This course provides a broad range of topics relevant to criminal behavior and the development of the personality. Biological, psychological, and social structural factors which influence the possible origin of criminal behavior, as well as criminal justice and societal approaches for preventing crime are addressed.


Analyze a social, psychological or business problem within criminal justice or homeland or private security and recommend solutions. Analyze a situation or policy, make a current assessment and provide a proposed solution. Apply theory, the use of research and evidence-based solutions, and incorporate ethical foundations to support your solutions. Familiarize yourself with the origins of criminal law and explore its historical development into modern American crimes codes.

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Learn about substantive criminal law and the associated legal principles and terminology. Contrast elements of crimes against persons, crimes against property, cyber crime, white collar crime and other types of crime. Examine early and modern approaches to identifying, deterring, preventing, detecting, prosecuting and punishing criminal behavior.

Examine the function of the American court system in its operational role within the government, the rule of law and society. Understand the criminal court process and the role of the judiciary from a policy-making perspective that reveals the impact of the courts on society and the rule of law in the evolution of social change.

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What leads a person down the criminal path? Can we prevent those at risk from choosing a life of crime in the first place?

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You may want to explore these other Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice concentrations. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. They travel from case to case, scene to scene investigating evidence left behind from crimes. This requires the type of analytical mind needed for work with intricate technologies. It also requires excellent written and verbal communication skills for translating technical jargon into language that others involved in the investigation will understand.

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While it is nostalgic to think of private detectives walking around with a magnifying glass wearing trench coats and bowler hats, this is not quite how it works in modern society. Instead of a magnifying glass, private detectives today are usually working on some sort of technological device to analyze data, run background checks, track and observe suspects, and conduct digital investigations and research.

This is an excellent career for those with critical thinking skills and the patience to solve mysteries. Private Investigator EDU compiled information about the latest technological developments used in this line of work. Criminal justice majors who found themselves taking as many computer science courses as possible will thrive in careers as computer forensics investigators. They work strictly with computers rather than going back and forth between technology, people, and crime scenes.

They utilize the most highly complex and advanced technical skills to analyze digital data related to criminal investigations. The average annual salary for computer forensics investigators varies widely based on experience and agency.

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  • The vast majority of fraud crimes today take place online, so fraud investigation has become a highly technological field.