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Send a cover letter and resume to her email address. Arizona Family Institute Gilbert, AZ Parent education, therapy services, working with teens and children, social media and website development.

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University of Idaho Extension Madison Co. Innovative Health Care Concepts, Inc. Idaho Falls, ID Involves working with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Addo Recovery Online Use social media to promote pornography addiction and betrayal trauma recovery.

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Family Watch International Gilbert, Arizona online also may be available "Promoting family based solutions through education and policy making. Mentor Works Riverton, Utah Promote healthy family formation and enrichment across the life course. We want to hear from you! You will often hear laughter in our office.


A good sense of humor is essential to mental and emotional health and sometimes, appropriately used, can be quite healing. Besides that, we honestly enjoy our work and our patients. Our staff has been trained to work with people from a wide range of cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds. It is important to us that you feel understood and respected while in our care. Psychotherapy with medication has repeatedly been shown to be the most effective treatment for any mental health diagnosis.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the stressors and demands of your life.

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When you need more effective skills to deal with situations and people. When you want to break old habits and develop new ways of handling life. When there is too much conflict or distance in your important relationships. When your children are not responding well to your parenting style and you need new skills to turn things around.

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When you need a deeper understanding of your behavior, motivations, and problems. These are just a few of the areas of specialty that we work in. We have many more disciplines that can benefit the life of anyone. Check out our list of professionals to view other areas of specialty. Depression varies from person to person.

The commonality lies in the fact that it serves to worsen your mood and perpetuate vicious cycles. Teenagers face a variety of pressures, from hormonal issues to what to wear and how they are going to fit into this world. Most people can get a grip of their worries if the develop a healthy relationship with their own thoughts and feelings. All relationships are different. Some commonalities of healthy relationships are…. Eating disorders are a group of serious conditions in which you are so preoccupied with food and weight that you can focus on little else.

Learning to recognize when one or more of these behaviors will help you start fighting them now. Which do you think you have? Our staff has been trained to work with people from a wide-range of cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds. Deborah Christensen Clinical Director. After more than twenty-five years practicing psychotherapy, I have come to realize that therapeutic outcome is largely hinged on five factors. Cindy Schiers Training Director. Working together, or collaborative care, is vital in psychological treatment. In my experience, individuals are driven toward self-improvement and work to find solutions to their own concerns or problems.

Alex Ertl Outreach Director. I view therapy, first and foremost, as a place for both the patient and the therapist to be real and authentic. To make the many aspects of our necessary life work, we often end up denying parts of ourselves. Halley Brown. People seek therapy for a range of reasons, from depression and anxiety to experiences of anguish, transition, and decision-making. Lothair Pendleton, L. Many years of practice and observation have revealed an apparent theme - no one completely escapes pain, or at least, some difficulty with surmounting life's problems.

Also presented for my review has been the question, "What is normal?

watch Samantha Gibb, L. I believe in meeting my patients where they are at in life. I believe in the inherent strength that every patient possesses. I believe in striving to create a safe space for patients to be vulnerable. Finally, I believe that a strong therapeutic relationship can produce wonderful results