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We have one of the highest success rates in the business! We can help find your siblings, whether adopted or not.

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We will always use discretion. Click here to get started. Our success rate is one of the highest in our industry. Whether our investigators are executing a birth mother search, birth father search, birth sibling search, birth child search, or any other birth relative search, our services are unrivaled in their success.

Conducting a birth parents search or siblings search is an extensive, sensitive, challenging, and often expensive process. We understand how important it is that you locate biological relatives. With BirthParentFinder.

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We have access to data and registries not readily available to the general consumer, our competitors, and other inferior genealogy searches. Our clients have the option of determining whether they want their birth parents once found knowing that they are looking for them. Almost all modern adoptions are open or semi-open , which has largely eliminated the need for adoptee search and reunion as well as greatly benefitted the emotional wellbeing of both adoptees and their birth parents.

The process of finding your birth parents can be long and emotionally complex.

Top 5 Ways to Find Your Birth Parents

They may have copies of your original birth certificate, remember details about your birth parents that can aid your search such as their age, name, or place of birth and they may have contact information for the lawyer, agency or social worker who helped facilitate their adoption. This is also a good time to talk with your family about the emotions that searching for birth parents can bring up for them.

Explain your intentions, reassure them of your own relationship and talk about the process with them; this can be helpful for you as well as for them. Sign up!

If any potential birth family members are registered or later register, the adoption reunion registry will notify you. If it just so happens that both the adoptee and the birth family sign up for the adoption reunion registry, your adoption search will be that much easier. This can be a breeze, or it can be almost impossible.

How can I find my birth parents or birth relatives? | Children's Bureau | ACF

It all depends on where you live. How to request access to social and medical information that was provided at the time of an adoption. For adoptions made before , birth or adoptive parents and adopted people can apply to delay the release of identifying information, giving them time to prepare for possible contact.

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The Contact Veto Register enables a birth parent or an adopted person to prevent another party to the adoption from making contact with them. A Contact Veto can only be requested if the adoption order was made before 26 October Skip to Content. Home Children, families and carers Adoption.